On Tuesday 15-Aug-2017 ( 24-Mordad-1396 ) IRFED identity federation officially
became a member of eduGAIN.

On Saturday 24-Jun-2017 ( 3-Tir-1396 ) IRFED identity federation officially started

On Tuesday 1-Mar-2016 ( 11-Esfand-1394 ) Iranet connected to Eduroam network.
Iranet is now acting as federation level for .ir in Eduroam.

On Thursday 3-Dec-2015 ( 12-Azar-1394 ) Iranet's K-ROOT node started to work.
This node has the capability of resolving both IPV4 and IPV6 requests.

IPM-IRANET LIR has become a RIPE ATLAS Ambassador in May 2014.


Workshops and seminars

On 13-April-2015 (23-Ordibehest-1394), Iranet held the first IANOG conference in Tehran, Iran.
IANOG is Iranian Academic Network Operating Group.
For more information refer to